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Resona Dai-Ichi Group offers some of the best index solutions by investing a range of funds that accurately simulate indexes, sub-indexes and whole market sectors.

Having some stocks in a diversified portfolio is great, but most of the major indexes act as portfolios themselves, mainly because they track the performance of a large number of companies. Based on this, we can propose you to invest in ETFs, mutual funds and other funds that try to imitate the quotation of an index or a market sector.

Our index solutions are a great method to remove the short-term volatility of the markets and the risk of bankruptcy of separate companies. Moreover, investing in funds is one of the best decisions since they come already as diversified products. Even those who are not into finances could pick a good fund and have a good return with it. Our team of investors and advisors will explain all the advantages and nuances of each fund, whether it is leveraged or not.

Based on your risk profile we can offer you high-yield funds, which aim a much higher return than the average ones. However, it is clear that you should accept additional risk, which may turn out into negative outcomes. You can arrange the best approaches with your Personal Banker.

We are ready to give the access to over one hundred funds that cover the US markets, European markets, and Asia-Pacific region.