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Our fixed income solutions are designed for those who are looking for safer investment products. Generally, it is about larger deposits from individuals and corporations who would be satisfied with a minimal return that comes from bonds and other fixed-income products.

Bonds are at the heart of our fixed income services and they involve a much lower risk level than stocks or currencies.

We offer our clients the chance to invest in bonds at least partially. Allocating a part of the portfolio in bonds would help reduce the risk and keep your funds away from volatility.

Even if most of our fixed-investment products are safe and moderate, we can offer you higher yield products, such as short-term bonds, which involve additional risk. You have the opportunity to invest in the whole range of bonds, from government bonds and municipal securities to corporate bonds and coupons.

Our fixed-income strategies and approaches aim a longer-term effect since short-term investing does not have a visible potential with bonds. The long-term results can be shifted to a retirement plan or other financial plans that involve safety and preservation of wealth.

Our solutions include the following fixed income strategies:

  • One-sector plans that involve government and company bond packages;
  • Multi-sector plans that include core bonds
  • Extended sector plans that include high yield bonds

As for the fixed-income product types, we can propose you to pick from:

  • Government bonds – such as US 30Y T-Bond, US 10Y T-Note, US 2Y T-Note, Euro Bund, UK Gilt, Japan Govt. Bond, and more.
  • Corporate bonds;
  • Municipal securities
  • Emerging market debt;
  • Coupons;