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Derivatives are more complex products that are more volatile and provide better performance. Generally, they relate but are not limited to equities, commodities, currencies or interest rates. The clients who want to boost their portfolio return while protecting against the risk can opt for these sophisticated products. However, when compared to typical stock or bond products, there is still an additional risk that has to be considered. Your Private Banker will inform you about all the aspects of different derivative products that we offer.

If you feel that alternative investments are better for your particular situation and if you want to take full benefit of the opportunities, contact us and we will propose you a package of derivatives and other investment products that suit your targets, expectations, and risk profile.

The derivative market is by far the largest in the world, exceeding the Forex market turnover and the stock market volume. There are several new and interesting trends and approaches developing in this market, and we want to catch the full advantages and convert them into decent returns.

Here are main groups of our financial structured products and derivatives:

  • Yield products – they can boost your portfolio’s performance with high returns.
  • Directional products – these are intended to operate with market predictions while considering your targets.
  • Hedging products – hedging is applied to mitigate a risk.
  • Customized investment solutions – we can create a package that is based on your goals and is not related to standard market fluctuations at all.

Derivatives are innovative financial products that are open for full customization. The key thing is to pick them rightly, which our experts will do for you.