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Besides our individual clients, a great deal of our work and solutions is dedicated to corporate clients. The latter can choose from a wide list of services that are focused on companies alone. Our solutions range from corporate wealth management, IPOs, equity underwriting, capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

By becoming our partner, we promise to fully dedicate ourselves to achieve the set goals and satisfy your corporate needs. Our investment and financial approaches and strategies may play a significant role in your business evolution and growth. We are transparent and open to communication.

Our expanding corporate client base is proof that we implement the right strategies.

Investment management

We offer wealth management at the corporate level, and the approach is quite different from individual solutions. Getting the control over business resources and making them grow is not an easy task, particularly during volatile market conditions and uncertainties. You may need the help of a dedicated partner. We can guarantee you that our dedicated team is involved with investment management day and night. You can trust us your portfolios to us and focus on your business activities without much stress about your financial situation – we’ll take care of this.

As our corporate client, you can benefit from top-notch portfolio allocation and investment management solutions that are based on complex and efficient strategies.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions are known to change the course of the companies involved, and we know it is an important step. If your company plans to acquire another business, it might need our help – there are lots of things to consider and documents to complete in order to satisfy the regulators. We can offer our solutions concerning any kinds of mergers. Considering our vast experience with wealth management, buying and selling, and lending, we understand how the markets work, and we can come with the right decisions that will take into account the trends, legal needs, and the corporate world.

Equity and Bond Underwriting

If your company needs to accumulate a specific amount of money within a deadline, this may be quite demanding and add much stress to your activities in general. You can leave this task to us – our team is ready to attract investors to raise money so that your business could reach the set targets. We offer equity underwriting solutions from stock offerings to the sale of issued shares in the secondary market.

We also offer bond underwriting services that go beyond corporate bonds, reaching municipal and public-sector bonds. You can trust our team when you have to issue bonds to raise capital – there are complex structuring matters and tax issues to deal with.

IPO Support

The initial public offering procedures can be game-changing for your company, which is why you should leave this task in professional hands. Our company is ready to help you with getting public. We can prepare all the documents and reports for the regulators and other government and non-government agencies. Besides, we will consider the best marketing methods to increase awareness and visibility of your brand. We can achieve this by implementing the latest technologies, with the online world in the center. Our division of experienced IPO professionals is ready to deal with all the steps of this long process.