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Resona Dai-Ichi Group りそな第一グループ has been connecting its clients
around the world with the brightest ideas and expertise, find out more about our full
list of Solutions & Capabilities that can change your future.

Our Philosophy

As a company with international presence, we make sure our clients get the best treatment…

Wealth Management

Whether you inherited wealth, want to preserve and grow your family wealth and business…

Corporate Services

We offer wealth management at the corporate level, and the approach is quite different from…

Research & Analysis

We base our investments and financial decisions on complex research, this is the step that initiates…

Research & Analysis

Technical & Fundamental

We employ the use of both Technical & Fundamental analysis, the interpretation of statistical reports and economic indicators...

Macro Economics

A branch of economics dealing with the performance, structure, behavior, and decision-making of an economy as a whole...

Our Global Insight

At Resona Dai-Ichi Group our researchers work closely together across multiple regions to track changes and spot potential future trends...


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